Fluent addon

After much deliberation I purchased another addon, Fluent. Even though I have Hardops/Boxcutter, the learning curve is step! I had seen this addon some time ago and decided to roll with it.

Been going through the documentation which I did all last night. Now I am ready to make something. Just thought I would share.

Chip Walters has a tutorial series he calls NITROX3D which is non destructive modelling using planes and modifiers. It is the manual way what Fluent does quickly. Chip released one of the sections free on youtube and I just did it in with Fluent in about 5 minutes. When I did it the manual way, I think it took me about an hour. Blender NITROX3D 02: enclosure box - YouTube

They both utilize that same modeling technique and style. If you try the vanilla way as Chip show then replicate in Fluent you will get a better understanding of what Rudy has done here. The more I use the more I understand and appreciate.

CG Thoughts has this youtube video called ‘Boolean Thinker’. They are 4 levels to get you to think how and create with the Fluent addon.

These are my efforts Lvl 1 - 4

lvl 3 the cutters wouldnt mirror?

lvl 4 I textured…

They were all good excercises to think about booleans.


Then my first model with Fluent addon is this gun.

Slowly but quickly getting to grips with the tool.

Created the Pistol with Fluent. Now trying to make it look nicer with Materialiser.

Unsure why the little white/silver piece is that colour…it had same texture as the other parts?



Now textured the gungun