Valentine’s day inspired me to do a little side project - still working on it - here is the first render test. Upside Down

Super awesome Swanny! They look good

Been working with particles and my flowers - made a weeping cherry blossom tree. Upside Down

very nice, how did you do it?

Thanks - check out: modular tree plugin

ahhhhhhhhhh very cool! We got some Cherry blossom tress here but not weeping :stuck_out_tongue:

WIP - New flower - Started my next plant - one of my fav herbs - objects are to scale and the little pods are 3mm (0.11inch) in size - will look good once i bunch them together. Upside Down

Wow looks amazing Swanny! Are all these for the shed project!?

Thanks - yes i will use it for my shed project - will also be a handy asset.

Progress pic of my new flowers. This is one stem - approx 70% complete. Upside Down

Super nice flowers Swanny! They look great :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff

Been working on the leaves for my new plant. Had a look at different options to make them including ‘img as plane’ but it didnt look right. Decided to make it myself… Here are some test pics including one using particles etc. Upside Down

This is insanely good work Swanny.

Thanks Crispy - a lot of time spent on this one - i’m starting to miss my shed

You just doing this to see if you can?

Is it for a particular project you have in mind?

I’d like to point out your skills are really blossoming.


Still learning Blender and loving it - I started Blender back in 2018 and it was quite overwhelming so I took a break for 6-8 mths (i jumped into the deep end too fast). Now I make each item a personal goal and really enjoy the process of seeing something develop from nothing.

This plant is for my shed project which I started back in January. The shed project is funny enough just one part of a big project. Upside Down

Very nice work Swanny!

I think i’m almost done - few min tweaks then its goin in the ground for my shed project. I will get some more pics soon - want to get some close ups as there are really small parts to the Lavender. Upside Down

This is amazing man! The detail is great! :smiley: