Fish sculpt

Hii hello!
I just started the sculpting course on Udemy and have finished the first lesson portion along with THE FISH.

Here she is!

1. on the yellow-circle-marked image there are some sorta clipping lines (?)… I checked my model, I also made sure to have all extra vertices removed… So I dunno what made these lines appear there. I also made sure it wasn’t just texture painting gone wrong lol. So yea hoping to know about what could’ve caused it so I can know better in future.
2. The fish sits on the bezier curve and I found myself in a situation where I wanted to change the curve after I had already ‘connected’ the fish to it. I didnt figure out how could I change the curve afterwards.

Anyway I super love the course and I am extremely excited to keep learning \o/ So far the course is easy to follow and entertaining!! And I love that added to just sculpting there is the modelling+ detail baking + animation. Everything I wanted to learn! :sparkling_heart:


Very well done! Unique style. I haven’t seen one like this yet. Well done! The texturing looks great. As for the issue. Could you upload your .blend here so I can check it? Make sure to pack all your textures before too by going to file → external data → pack resources, then save and upload here. For the curve if you go into edit mode, you can simply move the curve and the fish will follow along. Glad you are enjoying the course!


Yay! Thanks a ton! Also yes you are very right about the curve… I must’ve been too tired, idk how I didnt manage to edit it the last time, worked perfectly now!! Thank you!

Here is the blend file

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The issue is because there are seams there and if you look at the UV layout ad you see in image 1 you can see that the UVS go out into the black part that is not painted. All you need to do is extend out the painting on this particular part so that it extends a bit and fills out the UVS fully.


So in the end it turned out to be texture paint gone wrong :sweat_smile:
Thank you so much! :bouquet:


Cool work! Look like Tim Burton’s fish :black_heart:. Keep going! I also doing sculpting course but I’m finishing. If I can do it, you also can​:wink:


ooh intresting parallel, maybe the colors? :smile:
Thanks a lot! I’m feeling super motivated about the course so I’d like to think I’ll finish it! x3