First 'Ultimate Blender' project Animation of Susanne.

Trying to upload my first project from the ‘Ultimate Blender Course’. I had some trouble with final anim - the last 10 or so frames did not render. Not sure why, tried extending end frame and adding a final key frame there, but ani did not change. I think I did all of the renders over but still no luck. Anyhow, I am happy with this.

Very cool and well done Joseph! And that is strange for the last frames…did it just not render or was it a black screen or? Did you make sure to extend the end frame all the way out to what you wanted to render?

I am not sure what happened in the render. Playing the video in Blender, it goes through and the gate fully closes and Susanne looks back. The render stops short of that, but I had 250 png files (same as Blender showed). Added 25 more frames, advanced anim to the end, then created a final key frame at 275, then re-rendered png’s for 251 to 275, then created new mp4 with frames 1 to 275 after adding new frames to video sequencer.

hmmmmmmmmm Very strange indeed. You can always try opening a new blender file and going to File –> append and try appending all your objects into a new Blender file and see if that works

I am trying to render again. Got rid of all old files and re-did png files. This takes about an hour to finish, then will try to re do mp4 file. Also trying to get blender set up on my laptop which has more ram and a bigger hard drive than my desk top. Once I am happy, I will try rendering on lap top to see if it is faster.

okay awesome. Let me know if it works out

OK - Got everything straightened out. I think the sequencer had inserted a 10 frame offset somehow. New vid should be here. Also made it a little bigger - hope it fits here.