First try at Sculpting

Just got to the sculpting classes and decided to practise the new stuff with this. Can you tell who/what it is?

Very cool Shayde! Great job on first sculpt :slight_smile: Some kind of Goblin?

Aiming at the Green Goblin from Maximum Overdrive (though I’ve been recently ‘informed’ it’s from Spiderman first lol)

I was gonna say Green Goblin from Spiderman! haha. So I guess you did a good job :slight_smile:

That was just the basic build It looks a bit better now, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer…

When I try sculpting I always get weird tears in the mesh. I don’t know what I am doing but it can be fun. But I like box modeling best, no retopo.

Yeah that can happen using certain brushes. Just got to be careful

Ok been awhile I know. Actually had some work to do for a little while lol. Back to learning now and looking forward to finishing this off.

Ok so now it looks like this. First off I know I should have done a lot more smoothing etc, but some of it was starting to mess up and I don’t know what I’d have used it for anyway. But I did run into a couple of issues. Obviously the eyes are a problem due to 'lack of geometry ;), but I first tried vector painting. For some reason that didn’t do anything I wanted. It would paint bits and then delete bits especially when I zoomed in and out or tried to move around (so I just used materials in the end). Is there a better way to apply colours?

Very nice Shayde! For colors you can try vertex painting but I tend to find textures are usually the best too as they add more detail. You can even vertex paint in some textures :slight_smile: But great job nonetheless!

I thought about that but as it wasn’t really textured anyway I was just after a painted look. Vector painting just hated me lol

Oh yeah I couldn’t do his teeth either cos in edit mode it was one big black mess there haha

oooh looks like the Green Goblin from the old Spider-Man comic books and cartoons! Awesome!

Oh nevermind I just saw that this is what you were going for :stuck_out_tongue: Awesome dude looks very much alike!

I was thinking more Maximum Overdrive LOL but yeah and thank you!

Maximum OD is exactly what came to mind. Great work.