First Look at a new scene

As if I didn’t already have enough projects… :smiley:

This one has actually been one of several lurking that I’ve never really done anything with… so when I made the faun the other day, I thought of maybe using it for this scene. Thought about adding the girl too, but I think she’s too young for this one. Lot of work to do on this one. but like how it’s starting!

Oh… For anyone wondering, this is a scene from a famous book :smiley:

Narnia! haha nice! Actually like the scene and think the girl is fine, unless you are going for older. Can’t wait to see the finished result

Yeah… Lucy is older… the one from the Easter scene is more 3-5 and Lucy is older… more 8-10, I think. Also, Lucy and Tumnus are close to the same height (according to the books).