First Blendermania Tut Cupcakes.

I’ve been using Blender for about five years, I don’t usually have the time to do complete projects from scratch, so I just do tutorials usually as this is just a hobby. I enjoyed this tutorial quite a bit, I’ve done a lot of tutorials and this is in that zone I like. The tutorial wasn’t too simplified, fair amount of detail, and room to add my own touches. The length was good for a day off from work project and all in all 9 out of 10. I do enjoy longer intermediate or advanced tutorials sometimes (2-10+ hours) and I don’t mind paying something for them. Anyway here’s my cupcakes

WOW! I’m not just saying this…impressive! You expanded on it very well and it looks amazing! Like the glass of milk. Nice touch. Glad you enjoyed the tutorial Michael and that you enjoyed it. Definitely a great result from it man. I cannot wait to see more of your work and great to have you a part of the community!