Fireflower Missile System

Just finished this thing :slight_smile:

Modeled in Blender 2.8, textured in substance painter, rendered with Eevee.

Dude that is so amazing!!! You need to 3D print some of these :slight_smile: Also you can EASILY make some money selling your models or doing freelance work. I know you already sell your models but dang keep at it! Impressive. And this is a part of something bigger? haha can’t wait to see

Welp… better not to fly too close, or I’ll just bring on my stealth planes. :smiley:

The meshwork is great, and the texturing is interesting because it’s a combination of flawless and new-looking stuff along with rust (on the base).

Brings the “Zeerust” trope to mind, but I’m not sure that it’s meant to.