Finished Commission King versus Lion

I’ll be very picky about the next commission I choose (if any) and more demanding with my pay.
Overall a good practice though.

Dude so epic! Yeah and next time film a timelapse :stuck_out_tongue: But hey super proud of you man! Your first (or 2nd) commission. You’ve come a long way. Who knows maybe next year working in a studio doing what you love. Keep at it man!

Looks Awesome Alex

Dude I always forget to record, I’ve wanted to do a timelapse for so long but I always start sculpting and remember too late lol xD Thanks dude, hopefully something better than that will dawn on me and I’ll find a way to work just for myself and no clients or studios :wink:

Thank you Simon, as always I appreciate it Pray

I am out of words. The expressions on both of the faces are fantastic!

Amazing ClapClapClap

Damn @alexkarajohnn !!
I have so many questions… Rofl
Amazing brother!!! looks awesome!

Hahahah feel free to ask Nim I’m always happy to share what I learn :smiley: Thank you man, I appreciate your comment!

Thank you ritik, it was a bit of a pain to get there but it’s finally done! I’m happy you like it man, thank you for the kind words!