Finished but only cause Im over it

Well this was interesting!

I can say I learned so much sculpting this and it really was so much fun even tho I textured 100 million scales by hand…

After getting some much needed sleep I attempted to work through some issues I was experiencing with node wrangler and adjusted the lighting and focus a bit for another render attempt. Overall im pretty happy with this attempt but more so because I was able to work though the frustrations I was experiencing last night… I dunno maybe my second render looks identical to my first ?

OK OK last one! I gotta move on with my life I cant just keep moving around the same 3 light sources. I also added in a few rocks and trees I downloaded from this group.

That’s why I almost always cheat and just use a HDRI for lighting. :wink:

This looks wonderful CeenStars! :slight_smile:

well done ceenstars!

finally i made it