FGT3D Pumpkin Mage Challenge Winners Announced!

In a riot of pumpkins, magic, and phantoms, an exceedingly talented array of artists rose to the FGT3D Pumpkin Mage Challenge - a Halloween-themed CG contest hosted by Fox Renderfarm from Sep. 20 to Dec. 4. Their digital masterpieces breathlessly merge the macabre with the aesthetically mesmerizing, building a whimsical world of the Pumpkin Mage for us.

After the selection by our juries, we are now pleased to announce the winners of FGT3D Pumpkin Mage Challenge! 3 Professional artworks and 3 Student artworks were picked and awarded. Congrats to all the winners!

The prizes are provided by our awesome sponsors, including The Gnomon Workshop, Graswald, E-on software, C4Dzone, CGboost, Evermotion, RenderHub, Raysync, Rizom-Lab, iCube R&D Group, 3DModels, InstaLOD, Style3D and more. Special thanks to them! They are all the best in their fields, and we recommend everyone their services/products.

Winners Announced
Professional Category:
:1st_place_medal:1st place: Pumpkin Shooter © Ako Ghadermarzi
:2nd_place_medal:2nd place: The Tales of Uncle Pumpkin © Andrey Oliver
:3rd_place_medal:3rd place: Spooky Pumpkin © Joonho Bang

Student Category:
:1st_place_medal:1st place: The GrimPkin Mage © Arnel Añana
:2nd_place_medal:2nd place: Mortal Grin © Elena Kiseleva
:3rd_place_medal:3rd place: The Halloween House © Ethan Romano

Check out their awe-inspiring artworks: FGT3D Pumpkin Mage Challenge - Fox Renderfarm

:raised_hands: Congrats to all winners, and thanks to everyone for participating. Hope to see you soon in our next FGT3D Challenge! Stay tuned!

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