Ernesto el bipolar

Hi everyone its been a lot since i haven’t been in here, and a lot more since my last finished project published on here.

So i want to show you my last one.

Discussing my progress.
I made this after watching Shawn the sheep show, and i felt in love with the characters cloth and the calm and warm lightning the show has.
So i decided to do some 3d illustration like that.

My process breackdown would be like this.

-Blocking the character in 3d. -Give it a nice topo -Basic Rig -Send it to marvelous -Make cloth -Pose character in marvelous -Return to blender -Make all uvs -Make a cloth material in substance designer (the one the jacket has). -Textures made on substance painter -Return to blender -Lightning probes -Particle hair system -More lightning probes -Render it -Compositing -Add background

Instagram; @cuadot


Feel free to contact me if you want to ask anything.

WOW! This is amazing. I love your breakdown of how you did this too. Definitely makes things easier to have a layout of how you will go about it :slight_smile: Superb work!

I agree with alex, interesting, congratulations