Ēostre - Goddess of Spring - Work In Progress

I started to make this model a week ago for the Easter Challenge.

The fur of the giant rabbit gave me a hard time. I was playing with the Hair Particles, Multires Textures, but I ended up with the decision of sculpting with hand.

It’s going to have armor so I have less fur to sculpt and the armor is more fun to work on.

The Goddess will have flowers and leaves in her hair, maybe a fancy dress… so there’s still a lot to do…

WOW! That is sick and going to be such a cool entry :slight_smile:

Maybe for next year! Haha XD

I’ve got distracted with other things but I am still working on it.

That is SOOOOOOOO Sick man! WOW! Love it :slight_smile: Kind of sad you didnt finish it in time lol

Getting into details…

I am very far from finishing it, but the topic inspired me a lot so it’s a win :wink:

Separating parts for easier detailing and coloring.

Wow. This is epic.