Have started working on this since around April actually, after doing March of Robots and felt not satisfied with most of the result due to time (daily) constraint, so tried to do something more focused on the quality instead of quantity. Been neglecting it several times before finally picked it up again these past few days, and now tried to complete and finish it.

Basic concept is a robot queen with her guards. Initially I made her as full cybernetic gynoid (with panel lines on the face and body), but thinking to made her as a human or maybe hybrid instead (as the panel lines were kinda obstructing, lol). Last image is the basic concept for the scene, still not too sure about the ship in the bg, might change it to building or something instead, let’s see.

This is still a work in progress, and thread will be updated later on.

Time to make it 3d :slight_smile: Then animate an epic space opera!

To be honest, that did cross my mind. I actually also made the side views as I thought of doing 3/4 view for the scene at first but it then felt too much. So, I won’t completely rule out that 3D possibility (still images at least, lol), also had idea of simple animation with 2D elements with paralax scrolling effects, but for now it will be static 2D front view. ?

Awesome drawing and I’d love to see it in 3D as well!

Thanks! Well, I can import these as images on plane in Blender and since it’s 3D object in 3D program then it’s 3D, voila! ?

Added a staff and a not so static pose, also some highlight details on panel lines (though would only visible at full res, skipped the effects on the guard since they will not be in focus). Next is my ‘favourite’ part : shading a.k.a becoming a human render engine, yay.

Finally finished this, yey. Made with Inkscape and a bit of post-pro in Gimp.

Now onto the 3D version … maybe ?

Some closeups …

Look really great, I especially like the the composition of the scene

Thanks! It took some time rearranging things here and there ?

Looks amazing Po, again I’d love to see this being an animated series. I’d love to see more from this world, seems really interesting!

Thanks Alex, It’ll be on Netflix animation soon… lol kidding. Been brewing a simple backstory actually, but still hazy mostly so will have to wait until later ?

I’d love to see the background story, keep working on it until you feel it’s ready!