Ekranoplan Movie

[caption id=“attachment_7082” align=“alignnone” width=“300”]Ekranoplan KM Ekranoplan KM[/caption]

Rendering some frames of my Ekranoplan movie. Tomorrow, I will UV unwrap the model. That will be fun. No, actually, I do not like unwrapping. But I need to do it for use with Substance Painter. Let’s see…

That’s awesome man. Can’t wait to see the movie and I don’t think anyone likes to UV unwrap…lol! BTW I think you linked your image? which is fine. However if you did click on the “add media” button and add it that way, keep in mind on the bottom right you can set the size to make it bigger :slight_smile: Anyways awesome work!

Now, the final movie is ready. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khSaN5oEjzc


It’s nice! If you add some motion blur you can sell better the idea that the plane is in motion

That is really cool man! I really like the transition from the blue background to the ocean. Agreed some motion blur would be awesome and also the water rippling under where the plane is flying but other than that, really like it. Very soothing to watch haha