Easy Models

Working on a course from Udemy creating 50+ models. Here are the first 3 models so far.

Looking very precise! Nice modelling.

They just look…Nice!

Which course is this?

Very nice Ed. I like these! :slight_smile:

Build 50+ Models: The Complete Blender Low Poly 3D Modeling

Low Poly Church

That the Mammoth interactive one? Only found it with 20+ models?! I have many of there courses too. Actually, I have too many courses and just need to knuckle down and do them!

Nice step roof line…Makes it look…Churchy!


Low Poly Light House

Yes, they had one 50+ models.

Ed is back and I love it! :slight_smile:

Low Poly Snow Cabin

Looks like it is alive. Made of candy. Waiting for an unsuspecting child to wonder by and nom nom nom…

In the previous render, the Cabin was floating in the air. Here’s on on the ground.

Hey floating cabins are a thing! lol

Low Poly Store

Milkshake and Icecreams…my kinda shop! Bet they have sprinkles Fingers Crossed

Low Poly Office Buildings

Very nice Ed!

Greek Temple