Easy Blender Animation Gig for a children's show

Hey guys I’m passing down an animation gig that was offered to me.
It’s a relatively easy thing just a small scene with two children a boy and girl, the boy playing an accordeon and the girl playing a drum.

The characters are made and riged and so are the instruments.
I have not given a price with the client but he was open to discussing it and waiting to hear a quote.

I have informed him I will make a post and see if I can get a trustworthy and capable member of the community to do the job.

My younger brother knows the client IRL so we know he is legit, has a decent income living in Iceland, he is married with a child and all around a very cool dude.

If it sounds like something within your skillset please contact me either by replying to this thread or by personal message and I will get you in touch with the client.

I’m not taking a cut of this or interested in any reward or credit, just want to get the right people together. This means that as soon as I put you in touch, you name your price and deal with the client directly, my involvement ends with this post and giving you the contact info.

If you’ve never done a paid job before do not stress about it. you don’t need experience or to be a professional, just have enough skill and willingness to play :slight_smile: It should be very simple for anyone who has played with character animation or has taken Alex’s course on character animation

Let me know if you’re interested :slight_smile:

I have sent you a message.

The offer has been taken by Light. Hope to see more job postings around here by different members :slight_smile: If you hear of something good, don’t hold it back, pass it around :wink: