Easter Work In Progress

This is the work in progress on the Easter theme contest.

Amazing work Steve! Love the fluff of the bunny and the eggs!


Thanks, the eggs up front next to the basket are just placed there for visual reference. They won’t be there by the final rendering. And I didn’t want to get sued by using a Cadbury egg wrapper so just went with a tie died foil wrapper. :smiley:

Thank you, Shannon. :slight_smile:

Nice! AND your using the default camera. Double Points!

ROFL yeah only seemed right using the default camera.

The bunny now has lips, almost forgot those LOL and the cupcake now has a little more life to it but not finished yet.

Little more done.

Loving this! haha like the empty egg with the jellybeans :stuck_out_tongue:

Lookin good! Thumbsup

Thanks man. :slight_smile: Yeah so far so good. This is about the time I start messing it all up for the final render.

Thanks a lot man. And that shed is a nice place to stash this poor ant infested Easter basket in. :wink:

Ok this getting close to being finished, added a couple additional eggs, upped the grass particle count and a backdrop (drop cloth, think photo shoot). Grass length and location will be adjusted as to not be protruding through the eggs by the time of the final rendering. But for now this is where it is at.

Nice work Steve!
Although I like the bright colors I feel like the whole image is over-saturated, except perhaps the bunny. I would recommend playing around with some values and maybe desaturate the image just a little bit. That grass is kinda hurting my eyes it’s almost neon green :stuck_out_tongue:
I love the work overall though and again I like how colorful it is! It’s very eye catching but not something I can look at for long…

Although, as a disclaimer, I should say that it might just be my monitor.

Another note I have is, consider changing the color of the basket to something other than green or perhaps a dark green if you want to stick with the color, because it kinda blends with the ground at the moment

Yeah the basket color is going to be changed. And the yellow piping on the basket will be changed and textured as well. The grass is not intended to be real grass but the fake easter basket style grass that is super bright. But yeah Right now I agree with you totally with the color scheme right now but it will be changed.

@alexkarajohnn here is a little color adjustments and the ground texture also added to the fake Easter grass.

It just became so much easier to look at now while still remaining very bright and colorful! Love it!!

@blendermania Here are your pavers to get rid of the blank grass spots.