Easter MC WIP

So I have a particular idea for my scene which involves creating a Rabbit. After doing the ‘power of hour challenge’ on Saturday got me thinking on what would have been a better method to create my object.

Now I am not greatest modeler in the world and am still honing my skills. So I thought I would attempt to make three rabbits from different methods, Skin Modifier, Metaballs and Poly Modelling.

Left bunnie was done with vertices extruded along the skeleton of a Rabbit (reference image), skin and mirror modifier used. It ended up looking more like a pokamon or that weird creature from Jabba the Hutts palace that ate C3POs eye! Just could not get it to conform to the shape I wanted.

Middle bunnie was made using Metaballs. Idea is to get it into ruffly the right shape and then attempt to sculpt. I don't know how to describe this version other than - Blobby?! but it does look like it'd be really thick chocolate Shushing Face

Right bunnie was created via the tried and tested low poly modelling with mirror modifier and then moving vertices around as per most tutorials out there. It actually looks like a bunnie!!!

ha! Very interesting. I like that you tried different methods haha. Very cool. I like the one on the left and right the best. Definitely the one on the right as THE best but they all look cool in their own way :slight_smile:

but are they chocolate? Yum

Maybe Chocolate!Blush

I saw you other comment too. I would like to finish but for some reason, even though these themes have longer end dates. I always get side tracked.

I have dozens of unfinished projects from other MC from CGBooste as well. I will revisit them and complete for person experience. Just didn’t have the skills todo the detail I wanted at the time…but getting closer.

For BM MC, still got 10 hours to go (thats what the timer says). If I have time I can hopefully finish it this afternoon.

But, I am meant to still painting house today, So hopefully it rains! Grin