Dreams Contest progress

Hello forums!

For the “Dreams” contest I would like to create something psychedelic.

So far I have identified a few themes I am definitely going for:

Purple/White Hues

Melting/Trasmutating objects

Mandala Art

Some tentative themes I might include are:


Fluffy cloud(s)

Third Eye(s)

Shattered shards of glass/broken mirror(s)

Next thing to do: Identify a color palette, cement the idea with a preliminary sketch or story board

Things done a cool mandala render! check-it-out!

Greetings and evenings!

I have decided to change one or two details of the directions I will be going for.

Firstly, I have removed the mandala art, mostly because didn’t have a place for it, but added FLOATING PSYCHEDELIC FUNGI! clears throat

I definitely need to place a few particles on top of the 'shrooms, to simulate dancing lights. For the 'shroom themselves I am going to paint them individually to the best of my ability.

A couple of extra notes, I hope you like the colour changing Buddha (who definitely needs an halo) and I hope you like the all seeing eye.

Finally I hope this gives a feeling of weirdness psychedelic thing I am going for.

The project is far from over. I will work on a longer animation, adding more stuff as I go.

Please enjoy the video


Hello forums! :smiley: forced myself to make some progress in the last couple of days.

Created some placeholders for objects I am going to insert in the scene, lighted them to show them but mostly created their animations to better focus what direction I am going for.

The cubes might be a train or perhaps will leave them as default cubes with something on them, still no ideas how i will go with them.

Clock I plan to make it slightly better (not much),my main plan is to try a melting animation with that.

Bridge is to be bettered modeled and most importantly continued. I am planning to have some vine like mesh coming out of them. will see if I am capable , perhaps I have just thought of a creative solution for that.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my latest render.


In my next post I will include some screen of the scene itself outside the lense