Entry on Steampunk Gear challenge on CGBoost. Made with Blender 2.82, rendered with Cycles 1024 samples + denoising, post-processing with GIMP.

To be honest this is the rare time I made rather detailed 2D sketch (previous workflow mostly just rough sketches/outlines or jump directly to 3D). It took some times to detail the sketch, but had the advantage of faster workflow later on 3D modeling phase, as I then had clear direction of what to make for certain parts, rather than doing trial and error directly in 3D. It also made me enjoy in making the model more as well as the sketching.

On a side note, I forgot to add story about the sword itself in the placard, lol…

This is one of the sickest swords I have ever seen man! Even for your kind of work, which is always awesome, I am impressed with this! I want one, I will have one…gimmie! lol. So cool man! Hope you win the contest

Thanks a lot man! I’m quite satisfied with it too. The background elements was kinda rushed though and may not be as great, a good reminder to not too focused for the main object too much and better start thinking about the scene in the beginning. Enjoyed making the concept too, will try to do more of it when making models next. Overall, it’s been a good experience. Slight Smile