Do You Like The Dresden Files?

Project: Live-Action Book Trailer for The Dresden Files #16

Peace Talks
Project shoots early December, though some 3D work can be started in advance of filming.

Skills needed (does not have to all be the same person):

  • Compositing
  • Particle Effects
  • Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Texturing
  • General VFX like eye replacement and other non-particle magic effects (like Harry's shield)

Paid project - rates negotiable

Please send your resume, portfolio/reel, and references to (and please mention you saw my post here)

Cool! Maybe it interests one of you? @arcadeous @flyingbanana @gralous @purbosky

WOW! Thanks for the mention, Alex and the shout out. But not quite sure I am ready for paid work as of yet. But soon hopefully I will be able to feel comfortable with doing paid work. 

Well, it’s not A LOT of pay. And you never know unless you try!

Thanks for the mention Alex! :slight_smile: What are we modeling :smiley:

I am a fan of the series, I wish I had the knowledge and skill to take on something like this. I only really know modeling and sculpting as of right now and lacking in the other departments. I appreciate the shout out for a opportunity like this tho. Thank you ,Alex

Gralous - please note that it doesn’t have to be one person with all of those skills. I spoke to the director and she said if you are a fan and you can do modeling you should still inquire

Right now that’s not 100% decided, but most likely some monster stuff and maybe some architectural stuff