Do any of you actually use the Blender 2.8 video editor?

I just ditched windows for linux so I am starting over from scratch. I used to use Adobe Premiere Pro so the Blender video editor seems almost impossible to learn without the right training. Should I bother with it or use something else and if so what do you recomend I should learn?

Yes I do. But it’s compared to Premiere very basic. But is free.
I render stills and load them into Blender.
I do some overlap functions (fade in out).
Duplicate parts and render. For me it’s enough.
It’s a couple of years ago I used Premiere and for me it was also a struggle to get it working. I find Blender simple in use, but it has a basic UI. It does what you expect from it.
Premiere on the other hand, is difficult to master, due to the man, many options, tooling etc.
I still preferre Blender

Thank you for the reply.