Designing mobile home interior with Blender:

I just found a way to make a decent living using Blender:

A great way to succeed in business is to take the road less frequently traveled. An example of this, one could probably make a living using blender by making sci-fi space ship interiors for motor homes:

The motor homes these days, the trailers, the RV’s interiors all look like house interiors. They are compact (expandable) wooden houses on wheels. None of them look like space ships for some reason. Kind of reminds me of the movie “Up”, which is practically a house that can fly because of all those baboons.

If someone worked for an RV company, and made the interiors more like a sci-fi space ship interior. Kind of like these examples here:

could probably earn more than enough money for life. I for one would like to live in a sci-fi home, or camp in an RV that looks more like a space ship, and not like a house.

(The 3 examples are from the Star Citizen game, not my stuff)

Hey thanks for sharing James! @purbosky check it out as I know you like making sci-fi