Defender of the Universe

I have thought of some projects to do , and I use the WIP forum to just keep track of them even if they sit for a while its a way to keep my direction toward a goal , and for a while I have been wanting to do these projects , they are just kinda intimidating to me. I don’t think I am quite ready , but soon I will be tackling some. I am a huge fan of robots and transformers , I too thought of making the megazord but Drift made one , and I don’t like making the same stuff as others and I got to thinking there was a defender before power rangers that I watched as a kid that and so Drift’s Megazord has kinda inspired to want to make my Voltron which I still have to dig out, cause I actually own it. I am not sure if I am going to do a toy versiojn or kinda make a practical mechanical type version in 3D , but it is a project to work toward one of my major goals. So I am laying it out there as a upcoming project ,have a few other things I have to finish first cause I think this will be one of the longest projects iv’e done , so I want to clear the way for it. I want to say thanks to Drift for helping me muster the courage to take on a larger project. Voltron will be happening soon