Daniel arap Moi Commissioned Bust

Here’s the final results of my commissioned bust. It came out better than I thought I could. Very happy with this one, by far one of my most accurate and at the same time detailed likeness sculpts. Although I kind of hate doing likeness because of the restrictive nature of it, it’s an excellent way of honing my skills both in sculpting anatomy but more importantly in observation.


Didn’t realise Zbrush showed the silhouete top left and low poly head top right.

I am guessing that is just quick guide to show direction of head when zoomed in and imagine they settings that you turn on? or are they on by default?

on by default to help you see the silhouette of what you’re making which is extremely important and like you said the head is there as a compass so you can easily tell if you’re front/back etc.
Blender could really use something like this for a quick read, I always had to hit the numpad 1 to make sure I was in the front when I was sculpting things without a face.

Side by side comparison