Daily - Destroy

Vase + Bat = Destroyed!

This kept me up way to long last night. Now I will comment.

Had this neat animation where the bat would swing through the vase and it would shatter flying pieces everywhere. The physic were working well, everything was dandy…then for some unknown reason, physics changed and the vase would simply collapse within the first 2 frames.

So I manually moved the frame that it shows these pieces you see here. But when I rendered out the pieces were not in the render!

Searched through the settings looking for something that I may have ticked by accident. Couldn’t find anything. Was getting frustrated and was tired.

Unhid the original vase, moved it up to where you see it now in the image. Took a screen shot from screen shot option in menu. Cropped the image in image editor and posted what you see.

Fortunately, the screen preview looks good. BUT as it is not animated, the bat had some nice motion blur. The inside of the vase is golden so it sparkled.

Hadn’t used the fracture addon before so was fun. Pity about the physics not working as expected. Winner here, the daily frustration channel!

This is so cool! Well done on the daily :smiley: great idea for it. As for the issue, you would just need to go to the scene properties tab and bake the rigid body :slight_smile: Great work man