D&D Miniature Character

Guess who’s back, back again…

Making a male Barbarian character that my best friend played in a recent Dungeons and Dragons game.
His name is Vrachos (Βραχος), means boulder in Greek.

This is just the basic form, which I might start using as a base mesh for future characters too, which is why it’s thinner than the final character will end up being.

I’ll be updating this weekly as I move forward with it.

Awesome to work again on something just for the love of doing it, the few commissions I had before have left me with a feeling that I’m doing things for others, or for money, instead of just doing it for the sake of doing it, because it’s a fun thing to do.

So I guess for anyone else who might be in a similar situation, remember that work and money is good, but doing something with no objective, just for the love of doing it, is very important for creative people :wink:

Alex , its such a great start, welldone ,torso looks really good. If I may tho , give you a couple suggestions, the forearms look a bit long and the Head needs brought up a bit , doesn’t have much of a neck.

Gral you may and should give me suggestions and criticism!
Thanks for the kind words and the feedback.

You are spot on, the forearms are more elongated than they should be, but also appear even worse due to the fact that the basic shapes aren’t 100% (for example the forearms should be thinning as they move down the hands, which is not the case on my sculpt) however I did go back to it and paid more attention to proportions.

As for the neck you’re also correct, while I do want the “no-neck” look of a bodybuilder, I should raise it a bit more and just make it muscular. It is too short.

Thank you for pointing those out, I often find myself in this situation, it’s like your nose, it’s always in your view but it’s usually so blurry you don’t even notice it being there, you don’t pay attention to it, until something or someone makes you notice it and then it’s like “Oh! Duh! Of course I have a nose” LOL

I’ll post some progress on the sculpt tomorrow.

Squats and twerking baby! LOL
Yeah this is my rough blocking out stage, I’ll make them more realistic soon enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great man! And awesome having you back! Sculpt King…oh man I just boosted his ego again :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to be back!

Great to have you back @alexkarajohnn

Nim! Glad to be back man, thank you very much! How are you doing brother?

Tiny progress because my schedule is a mess.
Tweaked some proportional stuff (thanks @Gralous ) and added some early rough muscle forms to the body (except the forearms and head)
From now on it’s further tweaking proportions and shapes, further defining and correcting the muscles and adding a face to that head.
Will the muscles be visible in the final thing? Heck no! Am I still gonna sculpt them? You betcha!

Seriously these early stages guys and gals are the most important, take your time here, it’s a playground, anything can happen, everything is allowed, just tweak and play around with your shapes.
Don’t be thinking of doing things correctly at this point, just work with it, play with it, see what looks good, experiment, compare with real life photos even if you’re going for a stylized or fantasy theme.

This is the foundation of your house, you want to build it as strong as possible and you should expect to devote most of your time here. Without a strong foundation, no matter how expensive the tiles or impressive your furniture, your house will crumble to dust.
It’s the same for your sculpt!

This is awesome man! Loving the progress. IDK who gave you references of my body and muscles but keep it up, I’m flattered

Alex you should definitely check your bathroom for some kind of hidden cameras.

took some photographs and some x-rays while you were asleep, didn’t wanna wake ya, it was no trouble at all! Thanks for the reference :wink: