Crash Robo

Crash Bandicoot Reimagined :slight_smile:

Very nice Arc! I’m excited for this one ?

W.I.P. Update…

And… done :slight_smile:


God…so COOL!!! My life is now complete haha. Gonna definitely share this to the Blendermania FB and Instagram page! Great job Arc, cannot wait to see your next project!

UV Mapping complete…


Looks SICK! Cannot wait to see finished result :slight_smile: :smiley:

UV Packing done…

Damn, that’s dense! This is my most ambitious UV mapping so far

Started texturing in Substance Painter :slight_smile:

OOOOOOO WEEEEEEE that is one dense UV unwrapping haha. I’m curious actually what is the size of your UV map? Also loving the texturing and rugged look of it!

I eventually had to break it into 2 UV map sets, one set for the Head and Body, and another one for the arms and legs, 2K Maps each.

ah nice haha. I would think they were 4k but I guess that’s overkill as they already look clean :slight_smile:

Finally done…

so SICK! love the intricate detail of it all :slight_smile: so much pleasure to see haha. Post some still screenshots too!

Love it! Looks just like the game haha :slight_smile: I showed it to some people already. So sick!