Corona rain

How can I add glow to the earth without effecting the texture? I used an emission node but it looked awful. suggestions are also required.

I’m confused, try to reword your question…
What do you mean glow on the earth? Like reflections on the street? Lower the Roughness Value of the material. If you’re using an Image texture for the Roughness I think adding a math node in between will let you manipulate the roughness.

As far as suggestions go, add some emission to those window lights, just a tiny bit so they glow a little or increase their values, just like you have for the street lambs above but not so strong, add some bloom effects maybe, and also change the rain, it kinda looks like destroyed pixels at the moment. Instead of dots you want lines, I recommend using an Alpha texture with some noise, just manipulate the noise to make it long streaks for the rain effect.
Lastly, relax the hand that holds the umbrella, that’s a very unnatural and uncomfortable pose, it’s painful, just bring the elbow out a little bit and give the arm a little more angle instead of bending the hand almost 90 degrees.

Otherwise I really like your scene quite a lot! Good job!

@ritikkumarms you might try an emission shader but plugged into the volume material output node and toss in a gradient to control the strength of the node so it gives it an atmospheric look while in turn illuminating it in the process.

To do so would mean just duplicate the earth make its own material then add a shader similar to this one here and adjust it in the mapping node scale to your liking.

Very nice work Ritik! Like the whole vibe of it. A bit confused on your question as well but lmk if Alex’s or Steve’s suggestions help

Thank you for all those valuable suggestions and fixes.

Sorry I couldn’t frame the question correctly but anyway I used the node setup suggested by fbanana with a small change(mixing a transparent and emission node) on a duplicated sphere and worked!

Alex, thank you very much for the pose suggestion. I also had a notion that something was wrong with the hand but pin pointed the problem. I am very bad at posing but I tried . The workbench render is with fixed hands.

A very big problem or hurdle that I am encountering is the noise . In fact the pixels that seemed rain to you Alex were noise actually. My old computer is really struggling in rendering the scene and is taking ages to render. any suggestions to decrease the noise. I tried the denoising node but it introduces artifacts.

Glad you got it worked out, looks a lot better. Cool idea too btw.

thanks a lot for the suggestion. It really made her look comfortable.

Ooooh you meant the globe! Dang I should have figured that :stuck_out_tongue: Glad we could help.
Now about the noise, you’re saying that the denoiser in compositor gives you artifacts? That’s weird can you provide a side by side and circle the artifacts? Because the render without noise you have there seems fine to me but it’s small and dark so I can’t quite see it well…
As for the pose, you’re very welcome and don’t be silly it’s a fine pose, don’t bring yourself down!
It always helps to check a pose on your own body for simple poses like that :wink: