Cool but rude character sculpt

I started The Ultimate Blender 3D Sculpting Course last July as someone who is completely new to 3D sculpting. I also bought some other sculpting courses in Udemy but this is the only course that I stick to the end. Applying everything I learned from this course, here’s Raphael, the cool but rude teenage mutant ninja turtle :turtle:

I could easily do the other turtles by recoloring the accessories and changing the belt initials but I wanted to have them different facial expression which I am not yet sure how to do without re-sculpting the face. I also wanted to do some cool poses but I am still struggling with rigging so a simple pose will do for now.

For the accessories cloth, those were created with retopology (which I never though I would enjoy doing) and then subdivision and solidify modifiers. I then sculpted the crease and folds to add more details. The weapon sai is made with just basic modeling which started as a cylinder then extrude-rotate-grab.

Overall, I have fun doing this sculpt and being able to apply what I learned from the The Ultimate Blender 3D Sculpting Course. Thanks Alex for this awesome course!


This looks awesome Jargos! Always cool to see what someone does with the knowledge and skills they learn from one of the courses so thanks for sharing! Super sick sculpt. As for making different facial expressions but not having to re-sculpt, an easy way would be to add shapekeys. Add a shapekey for each different turtle you want and with the shapekey set to 1, just go in with a sculpt brush such as the grab or draw brush and move the facial structure around a bit and within minutes you can have several different facial expressions for the different turtles that you can switch between. Well done again!


Thanks, Alex! Fully appreciate the feedback and suggestion.