Completed the Blender course!

I finally done it! I have been super busy lately so it took me a while to complete the course but here is my version of Frank having a bad day!

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Awesome job, looks great!

DUDE! Very nicely done! Congrats on finishing the course and very well done once again. Love that you added ears on him lol! Hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot. Can’t wait to see more work from you!

Very nicely done! Very smooth.

great job, I need to complete that part of the course. 

Thank you Alex, You are a great teacher. 6 months ago I was completely new and didn’t even know how to lift the basic start cube and now I can do this. I am forever thankful for your courses and I loved creating Frank. I want to make a special version of him soon. The ears actually come from a mistake with the expression shape keys and me parenting the bones to them but When I saw them moving and it gave Frank more character I kept it lol. Glad you liked them.

Thank you Crispy! Glad you liked it!

It’s worth it Ed! I had so much fun with it especially making all the voices.

Makes me so happy to hear Cyber! Just took a pic of your comment as this is one of the reasons I do the courses! :slight_smile: