Competition! Create your coolest CG render from the animation provided!

Yesterday I came across this competition from Youtube Channel PWNISHER.

Last year he ran his first competition then created this MONTAGE with all entrys.

Here is this months video discussing the competition.

I have decided I want to create a small scene for this competition. The prizes are cool but I think it will be COOLER to be in the final MONTAGE ANIMATION.

So if anyone’s interest, go for it. I know the hardest thing I am having right now is what todo with that SPHERE? its just so big? I have about a dozen ideas but just trying to decide what would best suit this base scene.

I rendered out two images to use as basic backgrounds and have been doing some basic sketches to come up with ideas.

Thats a pretty neat idea! Can’t wait to see yours man :slight_smile:

Very neat. I’m going to play with it. Doubt I’ll submit anything though.

That sphere can be a giant potato! ?


Wow, great competition.

I’m thinking i might enter this little challenge ??

I think I know what I will do.

No potatoes will be harmed in the baking of this scene!