Commissioned Sculpt Work in Progress

Working on a bust for a client. Here’s my work so far and some of the references I’ve been using. It’s been a little tricky because this man’s face (some former president of Africa or something) changes quite a lot with age and expressions and every single photo I have from the client looks like a different person, like he had 15 brothers or something XD

In any case it’s been going well, client is happy and I’m including some of the earlier stages just to show and emphasize that when it comes to sculpting you need to take your time chipping away as if you were working with marble or ice sculptures.
I’ve mostly focused on the face and more specifically the eyes. I am now moving to the mouth area and will finish the rest of the body by tonight or tomorrow.

The client stressed that the facial details are what’s most important to him so there’s still much to do around the face, adding and adjusting little things here and there.

Dude that is really good! Well done. And can imagine with the different references how tricky it is haha. But it’s coming out great! definitely post some of the updates man. We’ve missed your sculpts!

Sculpt shamelessly good…showoff ?

complete and total showoff :stuck_out_tongue: lol thanks man!

Thanks Alex! I missed showing off my sculpts too lol ?? Nah seriously though this might be the first sculpt I’m actually proud of I really like how it’s turning out!
Will definitely post the final result too :slight_smile:

Awesomesauce as usual with your sculpts man!

Lot of progress, I was able to get the face closer to the likeness and added the hair and moustache

Thank you my dude!

Some definition to the mouth/chin area + a side view

Until I looked at your previous post my first impression was, ‘definition, where?’ but side by side it obvious.

yeah a lot of what I’m doing at this stage is small things here and there trying to get as close as possible to what I see from the references and to what the client wants.
it;s getting to the point where even I myself have to compare the previous iterations because I can no longer see what I’m doing, it’s all a blur at this point xD

and just so people don’t think I’m a blender snob now (which I’m kind of becoming one) here’s the scepter I made in blender, a mix of very basic modelling and a few sculpting tricks

The skin details have been arranged with no real care :stuck_out_tongue:

looks great, good work on capturing the details

thanks Gral, I know that means something coming from you, you don’t give out praise easily ?