Cold Turkey - Focus on your work by Blocking distracting sites

I’ve found this software, while unrelated to 3D, to be extremely useful.
In the age where we are products and our attention and energy is the commodity everyone is fighting for, Cold Turkey allows you to block whatever site you want to stop wasting your precious and finite time on sh!t that don’t matter one iota.

I use it to block social media as they are the greatest time wasters. Youtube is also an addiction for me but I usually need to look something up, or have some white noise playing in the background while I’m doing what I do. I’m gonna have to look for alternatives though and block youtube as well, since their algorithm is one of the most sinister out there.

If you are some super focused dude able to do a million things (looking at you Alex @blendermania ) maybe you don’t need it, but if you are anything like me, then Cold Turkey is a life saver.

The greatest thing about it is that all you need is the free version and that you CANNOT even delete the software once you have set a block. The block must come to an end before you can change anything or log back into the time wasting or addicting sites.

You can set a timer for how long you want the block to stay on.
It sounds like I’m sponsored by them but I’m not, I just really love and approve of what they do!

So if you find yourselves being distracted by the spider’s web while you should be doing your precious 3D courses and artworks, then do grab Cold Turkey which will work for most browsers out there!
Again not sponsored, but I think I could be sponsored since I’m writing an essay on an app :stuck_out_tongue: