City Ship

WIP for City in the Sky challenge on CGBoost, going with city that piggyback on a huge airship. Only a week left and still have much to do, yay.

Super cool man!

really nice… love the concept

Super thanks, man !

Thanks! This was somewhat a first concept, went for other two, then finally back to this again, lol.

Early test render, will be adding more details to the city/ship, hope the ship is contrasted enough with the background. Might try other methods on the clouds, which presently are stacks from several denoised 5 sample renders.

The city/buildings below the clouds is just placeholder for now, which was last minute idea. Maybe I’ll make it as another city-ship but less detailed, or just city on the ground, also make the cloud less dense on certain areas. Either that, or I’ll just use fully opaque cloud background with some ships or structures around.

Four days left, yey.

Holy cow that’s cool. Suggestion, some tiny little one or two-seater transport ships buzzing around it would be a nice touch. Great work so far!!

Thank you! There are actually some smaller ships but might not be too visible due to the scale and need to zoom in. I’m thinking of placing some more ships or structures around later depends on the situation.