City Ship - Final

Here’s the finished version, decided to get rid of the cloud background entirely in the end and feature some coastal cities/islands instead.

I still want to polish it a bit more later, just for personal sake, also making turntable animation for the ship. Comments and feedbacks are welcomed.

WIP / previous posts : City Ship - Works in Progress - Discourse

That is so cool Po! Love it. Love the detail and everything. As far as feedback the one thing that comes to mind is adding colorful LEDS there like billboards or neon signs in the city etc to add color into the city but that’s just a different style idea. Otherwise freaking love it man!

I could suggest 6 things, First of all good job.

1 - The texture/Waves on the ocean does not feel dense enough could make it more dense like 5-10 times.

2 - The shadow of the second flying Ship is a bit too sharp.

3 - Blur of the background could be more.

4 - The grass is a bit too saturated it pops out even if its on the background, and little bit color variation would be great also.

5 - The thing on the middle bottom of the ships lights color don’t exactly mach, should look better if they are the same shade of blue. and maybe black cables might look better.

6 - Vague yellowish light rays from the suns location.

Thanks! Initially I used some lights on the windows but I overdid it and it glows too much everywhere lol so cut them out then as did not have too much time. I think it’s a good idea, I will try to put them back but in moderation this time.

Thanks for the feedback! ?

  1. Agree with the waves, I was too busy taking care of the coastal cities, lol

  2. The shadow is sharp because that ship is close to the sea level, much like the shadows below the bridges between the islands (assuming it’s the ship on the far background that you’re talking about), I think that’s normal?

  3. Noted, also wonder if saturation or brightness level for contrast on the main ship with the bg is enough or too much?

  4. Indeed it’s too saturated, will tone it down and more hue variation

  5. Not really sure which one is the part that you mentioned, lol, do you mean the inside of the stacked rings/cylinders on the bottom? If it is, they are meant to not having same power with the one outside that glows brighter which provides buoyancy (just lesser machineries) so they are somewhat dimmer/not glowing too much a.k.a to show function differentiation

  6. Good idea! Will try adding that

5 - it looks like a difference shade of blue to me at least.
3 - I think it’s alright just maybe little bit of less saturation.

Ah, I see what you mean. I saw it through my phone (where usually everything looks more saturated, lol) and it looks more noticeable. I checked and indeed it’s a different level of saturation so might fix that too. Thanks!

Good… the clouds were weird, as it kind of assumed being close to a planet with an atmosphere and high gravity, which would be nasty for those beings living bottom-side - when wandering outside of the apartments they would make a big giant fall :slight_smile: Didn’t mention this earlier, because maybe it was a deliberate decision, but the physics of it all seemed awkward to me. Would be way better to just place the whole installation close to some huge black hole (think Disney’s movie) and show some force-field around the whole structure depicting artificial gravity or something. Anyway… clouds are gone… me happy again hahaha…

looks fantastic! nice work as always

Hahah! It took some quantum level thinking reading your comments, hope my respond is sound enough to be presented in a thesis defense. If I’m not wrong, as you mention about gravity, you might be assuming that bottom level platform inhabitants would walk upside down as gravity pull them towards the platform (again, CMIIW). If it is so, I happily inform you that the gravity here is still acting towards the planet. ?

Btw, since you mention about the people, I just remembered I should put some of them around the city, perhaps in pressurized suit so they can breathe normally, maybe also wearing gravity boots so they won’t get blown away by the wind, lol! Or … we can assume the ship generate pressurized field around it so they can wander around freely without complementary suit, problem solved!

Thanks, Tim ! ?

Mentioning people, not I did, but the force in your defense strong, it is.

Revised version, also made alternate one with cloud bg (from Unsplash), also a spec sheet because why not.

Ship turntable : Airship Turntable - YouTube

That’s awesome Po! Love the turntable