Child's Bedroom

Started my first room, a child’s bedroom. Not much there yet, though the little rug took me a while because I don’t know how to use hair. I’m hoping for a nice bed, curtains, a desk and lamp, some cartoon posters on the wall. Working on it on the weekends. :slight_smile:

Edit: All right, I give up. How do I embed JPGs? I clicked the camera icon, navigated to my file, and it seems like it did something then I hit Submit. This forum software isn’t very intuitive. :frowning:

cute, very nice

Very cool Mark! Can’t wait to see it finished

How would I best go about modeling flexible tubes? I did my best with manual vertex pushing-pulling with some proportional editing, and I tried doing the thing along a path but didn’t do very well with that. This chair is good enough for what it’s going to be doing, but it’s not what I had in mind.

Hey Mark! I think the best way to do those is using a curve. Add a curve and give it depth and a high enough resolution. Then just extrude it out and position it. You can then convert it to a mesh if you want by going to the operator search and searching convert to and convert it to a mesh :slight_smile:

Making some progress.

Very cool Mark! It’s coming along nicely. I like the warm feel it has :slight_smile:

Still chipping away at this. I’m learning quite a bit, which is my primary goal. The biggest new thing was that I had to redo the rug - the normals were jacked up because I used a cloth simulation without really understanding how to use the cloth simulation without making all of the normals intersect.

Learned a little bit about Cycles as well. It’s amazing to me how different the same scene can be rendered in two different engines. Also, beveled the baseboards and threw texture on the ottoman. The bed and the wall art is next. Then I’ll see if I can model a retro-computer to put on the desk. :slight_smile:

Here’s the Eevee version:

And the Cycles version:

Great improvements Mark! And the rug looks great man :slight_smile:

Next update. I’d like to model a retro-computer, a blanket for the bed, and some curtains.

I know basic cloth stuff from Alex’s course, but I’m not sure of what to do to make the very specific curtains I’m thinking of. Ah well, maybe I’ll be able to figure it out this weekend.

Plus, my Cycles render is still pretty grainy. I’ve jacked up the samples to over 700, but no luck.

Looks really nice Mark, you could try running a little bit of denoise over it to cut down the graininess of the image.

Looks great Mark! As for the curtains maybe if you share a pic here or on chat of what you’re trying to do, we can give some pointers. And Gral beat me to it! Yes turn on denois which is found in the scene or render tab

I had Denoise checked, but apparently it only works with an actual camera render. :)

Speaking of which, is there a quick way to create a camera and get it to see exactly what and how I’m seeing the Perspective Viewport? I’d probably set up a camera, pick my lens length, and use Walk Mode to move it around… but for these quick tests it seems faster to position the Viewport just so and then tell Blender to render that.

As far as curtains - nothing too fancy, something like the attached maybe?

Fastest way to setup camera IMO is to go into camera view. Open menu pressing N then select view tab. Toggle “lock camera to view”. Then align viewport as you normally would. 

You can also have multiple cameras in the same scene. This might help when it comes to a final render to be able to quickly change from one angle to another without having to reposition the camera each time. Just select a camera and set it as active. 

But for just one camera I tend to do just as mentioned below by @Crispy 

Also with camera selected ctrl+alt+0 will snap the camera to your exact viewpoint view. 

As for those kinds of curtains Mark I would just personally model it by hand using a plane, subsurf and proportional editing. You COULD use cloth simulation but I feel like modeling it you will have more control of exactly how the folds are etc.

So, the basics are done. I’m starting on my character concept for the room. Soon it’ll be time to go back and watch Alex’s entire rigging process again. :slight_smile:

Please disregard the first image of my last reply - it was from before. The other two are recent. Here's the updated one: