Character Goals: Ryo and SpyBorg

Two of my characters I’m hoping to eventually get into 3-D. So if you should see these characters, you know I’ve gotten closer to my dream.

If you want to ask anything about them, I’ll gladly answer.

How did you draw them?
And with what ?

Dang you’re good at drawing. Super cool! Can’t wait to see these come to life in Blender

I’m kind of assuming those are technically both the same question, if I’m reading that right. The answer is quite simple. For adding color to these two drawings, I used “PaintTool SAI”. It’s an older program for art, but not as sophisticated as Photoshop. I’d describe it as a “Photoshop Lite” kind of program. It allows me to add color to things very quickly.

For drawing the lines, good ol’ pencil and paper.

Thank you! I have more of these two drawn, but I really hope them in 3D will become a reality in the near future and then there’ll be more pictures of them in different poses and environments! I’m quite excited at the thought!