Challenge Vote #001 - Tech

So with the new year , decided I need to step up my game, find more ways to challenge myself, so want to take a theme or catagory , find a variety of images and have people vote on the one people would like me to create. This will eventually increase in difficulty as well, but the goal is to make it as close as possible to the reference object and with that , Voting is UP!

Chose the image you should do! :stuck_out_tongue:

Vote I did young Blender Padawan

I voted for mech, Rabbit ears would be a great addition to that.

Well looks like the robot arm had the most votes, however since that is a render off art station that someone made. I do not feel comfortable remaking this robot arm completely the same, so I am going to take ideas from this other picture im posting and some other pictures I found and make my own robotic arm, it should be similar in the end result but it will be my own creation.

I started working on my own base for the arm

Nice man! Great start

made some vents, tubing, started a spindle

Love the wires and vents man. Already some nice detail