CG boost moving castle challenge.

my entry

DANG!!! You need to make a short movie with this NOW :stuck_out_tongue: haha this looks amazing man. Wish you the best with the contest!

Nice to see you stuck with your original idea. Looks epic!

I am just curious and wonder if this occurs for other viewers. When I look at the scene I actually gravitate to the butterfly…does anyone else?

Vishnu, was that the intention? or should we be focusing on the castle?

I don’t have that issue. The butterfly is far enough in the corner that it doesn’t draw or hold my gaze too long.

the theme was moving castle and yeah the butterfly was a bit too bright, i used an emission shader to brighten it up because of the blue sky background for some reason if the attention goes to the butterfly first, then that’s a problem, I should have used some less bright colours or something, thanks for pointing it out eladd!!