so i have here, a compiled list of websites that offer free CC-0 high quality textures i use if i can not make my own

CC-0 means that, pretty much nobody owns it. as soon as you download it, it’s yours. so if you were to model something and apply CC0 textures to it, you could sell it without having to worry about anyone coming for your a…

oh, these are also all PBR! (physical based rendering) ( which means you get 5 images for 1 texture that all hold different values, all you need to do is attach them to the principled node and bam 1 minute done, you got yourself a realistic texture)


HDRI is a 360 degree image that wraps around your ‘‘world’’ it offers a light source inside the image, HDRIs are not just the easiest way to light a scene, but also the most realistic


finally the list: - lots of HDRIs up to 16k i believe, they’re very good quality - from fingerprint alphas, to roads to wood it has it all - made by my favorite blender artist (Rob tuytel) this man offers again, beautiful quality textures. most of them perfect for older scenes, as they have been ‘‘harvested’’ from old buildings and roads in the netherlands - leafs, tiles, stone walls. a very nice assortment of more ‘‘modern’’ textures - all kinds of 2K textures, from wood to metal to brick

bonus: CC-0 models for use in your architectural scenes! all very nicely done and well optimized, i personally steer away from these so that i can learn to model some of these complex objects on my own, but if you’re experienced and need to get a render out of the door, massive time saver.


i am not affiliated with any of these sites.


bonus bonus: <— blueprint database, perfect for modelling.


Thanks a lot for your contribution! those are very nice websites!

Those are awesome websites man! I will definitely be using those sites in future use. Talking about CC0 images I can think of one website I can contribute. It’s not really for textures specifically but you can use it for that or for references maybe or environment lighting. I may have others that I can contribute later once I remember


edit: added new website

Thank you for all these sites. Well worth looking at!