This is what I was working on for the Medieval contest. I changed direction as I was not happy with how it turned out or more how it was progressing.

Remade it like 6 or 7 times. Then I just couldn’t get the textures right. Then the lighting wasn’t right. Reality is, I was probably being to picky.

So, I will turn this into an ongoing project. There’s something about castles I like and have a few in particular I want to make.

I want to do them justice and make them look good and be worthy of my attention!

This is amazing! Love it!

Looks awesome Eladd, very similar to what I originally wanted to do as well. Wanted to model my town which is an ancient shipyard turned into the largest 5 zone castle during the Medieval period. 5 zones meaning there are 5 levels surrounded by walls and towers from the sea level up to the hill where the castle is. Pretty cool place.

There are just a couple of etchings and not any reference material for what it may have looked like in it’s prime, most of the castle walls and the castle itself still stand today but the town has obviously changed dramatically so it’s hard to tell what it looked like in the past. I’d have to do a lot of research visiting local libraries and museums, speak with the local archaeologists, go around town and look closely etc.

So I realized it’s a massive long term project and not something to be done in a few weeks which why I’m also turning it into a personal project.

You should definitely keep going with this it already looks quite good and by the end of it I’m certain it will be your greatest work yet!