Castle Ship

Working on CGBoost challenge ‘Moving Castle’, going the airborne route. Done blocking out main shapes, now to polish them up more. Fourth/last image is the airship concept (a second one that is, previous one was intended to be a large sea vessel but looked so boring so scrapped it altogether, lol).

At a glance this reminded me of the flying castle in the NES game Crystalis.

Hmmm not familiar with that game though, lol.

Will tweak some of the background elements more later on, now onto the textures and materials and whatnot…

I’ll ask again…when can I move in? lol Super sick!

Well, it’s still being painted and furnished, but if you really want to move in right now then go on… lol!

Some previous test renders, there are about 15 in total, render time is around 45 min up to almost 2 hrs, working on some post pro now (selected final raw render not shown here btw). Only 2 days left, hurray! runs around in panic in a bezier circle pattern

Some details that are not too visible on the final render (will post it later) : lowpoly king and queen in a highpoly castle; stair steps that have variable step angle; and tiny soldiers. On the last/fourth image is the scrapped concept of a large sea vessel that looked like some ships lazily mashed together. Such a brilliant idea…

WOW lot more detail than I thought :slight_smile: and I think I see me there! Yes I made it into the city and living there! lol

Yup, you’re that one stowaway that got locked in the prison LOL! Kidding… you’ll be the captain, steering Blendermania ship :stuck_out_tongue:

Finished work :