Cartoony Knight

Based on the Character Sets tutorial that Alex made in the Inner Circle, I’ve begun a bit of a pet project that’s more of a means of teaching myself things and solidifying knowledge from courses. This is a cartoony figure I will be making into a knight. I’m planning on him to be fully pose-able and fully compatible for animating. The armor will be what will become the big learning curve as things get more detailed and experiments are tested.

If you’re wondering what kind of knight he’ll be, I’m going for the fantasy, tanky armor style. Sure, it might not be “realistic”, but I think we can excuse that for entertainment and the sake of learning.

His body will not have much detail. The body is basically a mold for the armor’s shape and a form that will wear it. Essentially, the body is for little more than being a base for animating. The armor is what you’ll see, really.

So… here’s the body, which is all I have, so far.

This is great Drift! I love how you made your character look different, think it looks awesome and can’t wait to see this guy animated :smiley: