Caption this!

I had reference image of umbrella and bench, but I just couldn’t remake it and got this idea of “larger” environment. Then I stopped thinking about modelling and focused on composition. So… I have a story in mind connected to this render. Do you? All crtitics are welcome.

Very nice Weks! You made all this. Definitely want to hear the story behind it…my story off the top of my head is someone waiting for their loved one all night in the rain on the bus bench but they never came so they left and left the umbrella there :stuck_out_tongue:

Does story have anything to do with ‘Rubbish bin Exploded! Person ran through the hedge in fright leaving there umbrella behind’?

Life is like a box of chocolates

For some reason this make me think of the movie “Christopher Robin”. Great work.

Hmmm, story… How about the friendship of an umbrella, a bin, and a bench? Grin

So, I ran my imagination aaaand it looks like this :')
A man is sitting on a bench during rain. He doesn’t knwo why is he here. He just waits. An entity in a form of his loved one approches and says “You won’t be needing this anymore” and as they touch, sounds appears and a man is taken through the hedges on the other side.

And that’s the beauty of art. Interpretating it the way you see and feel it. Thanks for comments.

Very cool Weks