Candy Corn Help!

So I was wondering for the texturing how can I do a gradient or a blend between the three colors instead of having the harsh line??


Hey Chelsea! You can do this many different ways but a simple way to do it is to use the node editor. I will lay it out for you here and you can see the screenshot. Now of course you can adjust the gradient how you want (make it sharper or smoother, as mine is just an example)

Add a material, then go to the node editor in one of the windows. hit Shift + A and go to Input → texture coordinate. Shift + A again and go to converter → separate XyZ. Make sure to UV unwrap your cylinder first then take the UV output from texture coordinate into the Separate XYZ. Add A gradient texture found under the textures option and connect it as shown in image below. Then go to converter → color ramp and connect them all like in image. In the color ramp this is where you’ll add the colors (with the + icon) or remove them (with - icon). you can just add the 3 colors or if you want the gradient sharper you can add the same color twice as I did to make it falloff later. Play around with it. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: