Camera Draw Distance (Clipping) Doesn't Increase above 100

I cannot seem to be able to increase the clipping distance for the camera, even if I give it a crazy number like 100.000 the clipping distance remains the same it is at the value of 100. Interestingly enough it decreases, so if I take it below 100 there’s more clipping, but no matter how much I increase it I cannot get the distance I want.
Can anyone please help? I can send a blend file if necessary.
Edit: There’s no difference to it if I increase the viewport clip end either. The viewport works just fine at the default 1000 clip end value but as soon as I jump into camera view it stays at 100 :frowning:

Nevermind fixed it, added a new camera and it’s fine. We’ll never know what caused it :stuck_out_tongue: