Camera action is blocked for Character Animation Course

Here is a couple of stills from my upcoming video for the course: Character Creation and Animation. This is rendered in both Cycles and Evee. Evee (which is faster by far) still leaves shadows jagged. I must be missing something in the settings but I can find it. The first frame is of him (Cycles Render [5 minutes to render]) and the second is of the two together (Evee Render [1 second]). Notice the shadow on the wall over her right shoulder and on her right shoulder from his head. The shadows are very jagged. I have the Shadows properties set to Cube Size = 4096 and Cascade Size = 4096 in the Render Properties Tab and I have shadows turned on in the Camera Settings. In Cycles I don’t have to worry about all those settings.

Hey Richard! Very nicely done my friend! Looks great :slight_smile: For the shadows under the lamp settings you can play with the shadow settings there. Also under the Render properties under shadows make sure “soft shadows” is enabled

I noticed that if I set the “soft shadows” then I lose the shadows completely. I will play with the shadow settings for the lamp some more. I think I said I set shadows for the camera setting and I meant for the lamp settings.