Building a forest too

Building a forest too for what seems like years. I’ll finish it one day.

I am only doing this to learn how so I can use what I need to build better models using some props later on. I have some trees but would rather build them myself to learn how it all works.

This is from a Blender Guru or CG Geek tutorial. Don’t remember which. From a few years ago.

Very nice. Loving seeing your work today Cats!

Are you using the Blender add on “Sapling Tree Gen” ?

ManiaPete, no this is the skin modifier. I am building the tree using the reference image in the tutorial but sort of doing my own thing too.

Its the six part series not the one that says ‘animated trees’. I tried that and didn’t like the generator. Would rather make my own from scratch.

I know, it’s a difficult tool. But a starting point.
I know there is a add-on, for which you must pay, which does building trees in a breeze. I don’t know how it’s called. But I’ve seen a video of the developer, presenting his tree tool on a Blender conference. Have fun!